Product managers, should you be doing a daily standup with your team ?

Take this 3 minutes quiz and find it out instantly.

About the quiz

Should a product manager or owner attend the daily standup(s)? Some say it's a distraction, but most say, it does serve a value in helping the dependent teams function smoothly! But, question is, how far are you away from the sweet spot? The sweet spot that optimises return on your invetment in standup meetings.

We put together a fun quiz, a short one to give some pointers to this question. It will just take 2 to 3 mins to complete the quiz and get an answer instantly.

How does this work?

On signing up, you will be taken to the quiz form. Answer 10 simple questions in the quiz by choosing the choice among multiple answers provided, based on your current situation and thought process. On completion of the quiz, you will get an instant score - a number from 0 to 100.

Decoding the score

Score 71 to 100: You are good for now, looks like you are on a right track to get the best of a standup meeting. Keep up!

Score 51 to 70: You perhaps would like to give some thoughts about doing some reflections and explore ways to tweak some of the ways you deal with stand up meetings.

Score 31 to 50: You will see value in looming at the whole gamit of standup meeting in a different perspective. There is a significant room to get more from that part of your time investment.

Score 0 to 30: You might not be close to geting a minimum level of returns on the time investment in standup meetings. We would love to help you and your team out.

Who are we?

We are a bunch of guys like you, obsessed with discovering smart ways to manage stand up meetings. And we are building a cool web tool - Zync, that enables you to have an immersive experience to mimic real stand ups. Subscribe here if you want to know more about what new cool studd we are upto at Zync.

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